Heritage Central Java

Central Java traced its footprints as an area that rich in culture and tradition descending from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past, and more recent Islamic influences. The harbor city Semarang is the capital of central Java.

About four hours from Semarang there is Dieng Plateau, the site of some of the oldest Hindu temples. These 50 foot high monuments stand on a crater floor amidst sulphurous fumes.

Next to visit is Bandungan and Gedong Songo Temple. Gedong Songo means nine buildings. It is a group of small 8th century Hindu Javanese temples. It is a refreshing spot to experiencing wonderful Indonesia.

Another Java’s most outstanding resort is Batur raden. It is approximately 14 kilometers north of Purwokerto. It is occupies a fine site on the slopes of Mount Slamet, 650 meters above sea level. Feel the coolness air, nice gardens, pines forest, hot springs, ponds, and bungalow-style hotels. It is a perfect place to enjoy another heritage of Indonesia.

Historical Temples in Central Java

A must see heritage Central Java is Borobudur Temple. It was built on the eighth century by the Cailendra dynasty and is located at Magelang. It stands majestically on a hill overlooking lush green fields and distant hills. It is built of grey andesite stones. The top is the Great Stupa, standing 40 meters above the ground.

The walls of the Borobudur are sculpted in bas-relief, a total length of six kilometers.Three kilometers from Borobudur there is Mendut Temple. The smaller temples of Mendut, which house the great statue of Buddha and the Pawon temple, form an integral part of the Borobudur complex. It is an ultimate heritage Central Java.

Not far from Solo is the Sukuh Temple, the pyramid Inca look-alike decorated with wayang stone carvings of Hindu origin and displayed some erotic symbols. It is located only 34 km from Solo. Another Central Java heritage is Cetho Temple is located in western slope of Mount Lawu, Karanganyar. It is a Hinduism temple and symbolized a human passion and a portrayal of human being’s soul purification.

Discovering Central Java

Jatijajar Cave has beautiful tunnel with many stalagmite and stalactite. It is located near Ayah Beach, 170km from Solo. If you want to visit pre-historic museum, go to Sangiran. The museum displayed various fossils and located in Sragen. It is a good place to observe Central Java.

Solo is the symbol of Java heritage. You could visit Kasunanan Palace. It is the royal residence of King Pakubuwono in the 17th century. That palace has an art gallery exhibiting royal heirlooms, antiques, and other invaluable objects in a genuine royal Javanese atmosphere.

Another palace, Pura Mangkunegaran, built on 1757. The architecture is typical Javanese, consisting of Pendopo-an open front hall to receive guests, Pringgitan-an porch to hold leather puppet shadow play, and private apartments.

Two sets of the 17th century Javanese gamelan instruments are exhibited and played every Wednesday in the Pendopo. The palace also exhibits complete collection of masks, wayang orang costumes, leather, and wooden puppets, religious articles, and jewelry. So, get ready for wonderful Indonesia experience.

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