Australian Tourism On The Steady Rise

One of the areas that is closely being monitored by Australian migration officials nowadays is the tourism sector. Indeed, with Australia being a popular travel destination for a lot of people around the world, the tourism industry is likely to expand even more. And many people are closely observing the industry as it grows.

It should be noted that the tourism industry is still pretty much on the recovery stage after the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009. Because of the slowing down of the world’s economies, travel for leisure also dropped significantly. And being one of the centers of tourist travels, Australia did significantly experienced the effects of reduced tourist arrivals.

However, with the world’s economy now starting to recover, tourism travel is also beginning to go up back to it’s previous levels. It is interesting to note that Australia was in fact, one of the first countries to start getting up from the crisis. And with that, it was also able to to quickly resume operation for its tourism activities.

Indeed, the country has actually posted some impressive tourism figures in the last few months. According to statistics released by the government, the number of tourist arrivals have increased by at least five percent in the last three months. And officials are confident that these will go up in the future.

With that, Tourism Australia, the country’s foremost tourism promotion industry have embarked on several programs aimed to further encouraging foreign travelers to visit the country. One of this is the $30 million investment made by the agency last June to promote Australian tourism in China. Tourism Australia is hoping to capture the interest of more than 46 million Chinese travelers each year, which is worth more $2 billion in the market.

On the other hand, Tourism Australia is also hoping to attract more visitors from Southeast Asia. As a start of their campaign, they have launched an Indonesian language version of the agency’s official website. Tourism Australia officials are hopeful that, through this, they will be able to encourage Indonesian tourists to learn more about Australia and eventually head there. It is interesting to note that Indonesian tourist arrivals have grown significantly since last year, posting a 24 percent increase last March.

With this impressive figures and efforts, Australian tourism officials are enthusiastic that they will be able to further expand the industry. However, they said that they are still not you going to slow down in their work and even strive more to attract more travelers.

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